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(Credit: Carl Van Vechten / Press / Michael Lindsay-Hogg)


The connection between Orson Welles and Michael Lindsay-Hogg


One of the architects of the modern music experience is Michael Lindsay-Hogg, a filmmaker whose early promotional clips with musicians pioneered the art of the music video. Thanks to his work with acts like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Lindsay-Hogg gave the world some of its first glances at the soon-to-be inseparable worlds of music and film.

Lindsay-Hogg was born to be a filmmaker, although the Let It Be director didn’t know it until his teenage years. Up until his sixteenth year, Lindsay-Hogg believed that his father was Sir Edward Lindsay-Hogg, the 4th Baronet of the Lindsay-Hogg Baronetcy. It was only when his mother, Irish actress Geraldine Fitzgerald, sat him down to enthusiastically deny the rumours that his biological father was famed actor and director Orson Welles that Lindsay-Hogg ever questioned his patronage.

The young Lindsay-Hogg had been within Welles’ orbit and later worked with him on the original stage production of Chimes at Midnight in 1960. The two crossed paths sporadically over the years, and there was evidence suggesting something of a paternal relationship between the two, but Welles never made a public comment on Lindsay-Hogg during his lifetime.

For his part, Lindsay-Hogg believes that Welles was his biological father. When his mother originally denied the rumours of Welles being his father, Lindsay-Hogg was suspicious with her defensive nature and refusal to acknowledge the uncertainty further. He had been playmates with Welles’ oldest daughter Chris, and she suspected that Lindsay-Hogg was secretly her brother. Lindsay-Hogg eventually took a DNA test that was inconclusive, but his mother’s close friend, actress Gloria Vanderbilt, confirmed to Lindsay-Hogg that Welles was indeed his biological father.

Biographers and Welles aficionados remain dubious as to whether the timeline of Welles life includes a window to conceive Lindsay-Hogg, but the persistent rumours, evidence of a relationship between the two, and belief of Lindsay-Hogg himself are enough to make it a strong possibility that the two legendary filmmakers could be tied by more than just profession.

Check out the Lindsay-Hogg directed video for ‘Paperback Writer’ down below.