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Only Real - Cadillac Girl


West London’s premium pubescent rapper Only Real has come out with another piece of Krule inspired spoken word drawl. It’s full of laid back sliding guitar and perky Summer shining beats. It’s sultry synth and fresh funk make it Far Out’s Track Of The Day.

Only Real aka Niall Galvin (stick with Only Real, right?) has released Cadillac Girl after signing for Virgin EMI and it’s polished style reflects it. Produced by Ben Allen who’s worked with everyone from Deerhunter to Cee Lo Green there is an infinitely styled sound, mixing the woozy guitars of Mac Demarco with the sardonic scrawlings of King Krule, Only Real is starting to carve himself a niche.

There’s a laid back and loose approach to the content, no matter how contrived the direction may be, it slowly cruises along and takes the sunshine with it, dripping psychedelic pop into the lo-fi mixture; all swirled and poured by Galvin’s saliva sloshing vocal delivery.

The track to be released on May 12th is just the start for a young man with bags of potential and pop power behind him. He, infact, has such power behind him that it is easy to become cynical about his motives and label him a sell-out before he has even sold a record. But, that would be too easy. Galvin has a clear knack for songwriting and fills a gap left by Jamie T’s inexplicable departure, albeit a candied version of it.

Cadillac Girl apart from being an archetypal summer smash hit about unrequited love is a benchmark that Only Real will continue to try to pass as his career looks set to go from strength to strength, buoyed by youth and vigour Galvin has the world and a plethora of ladies at his feet, let’s just hope they can get in the club.


Jack Whatley