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Credit: Ross Halfin


Alice Cooper explains why he would like to join Foo Fighters


Alice Cooper has carved out a one of a kind career since he made his loud and brash breakthrough in the early 1970s, and his striking image turned audiences heads wherever he went.

Half a century on from School’s Out, Cooper is still thriving today with his solo career and his fame-heavy outfit the Hollywood Vampires. His bloodsoaked career has been exhilarating, and there isn’t much left on the bucket list that he hasn’t yet achieved. That said, there is one band that the singer would love to join — even if it was only temporarily.

Cooper has collaborated with an illustrious list of names such as Paul McCartney and Brian Johnson throughout his years in the limelight. On the first Hollywood Vampires album, Cooper also managed to recruit Dave Grohl to play the drums on a cover of Harry Nillson.

The former Nirvana sticksman is an artist that Cooper would like to work with more often, and he has nothing but an appreciation for Foo Fighters as a band. During an interview with Atlanta’s Rock 100.5, he confessed that if he didn’t have his own group, Cooper’s wish would be to be an honorary Foo Fighter.

His main reason for wanting to be part of Grohl’s group is that on any occasion that the band covered his work, they have always done the original justice, and Cooper is more than willing to put his trust into the group.

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“I think probably the Foo Fighters. Only because they’re exactly… When they do my songs, they do it exactly like the band,” he explained in awe. “I mean, it’s amazing. I’ve done a bunch of things with the Foo Fighters, and a lot of their influence was Alice Cooper. The guys in the band, they said they learned how to play listening to our early albums.”

He added: “So when I go up on stage with the Foo Fighters, they nail my songs — they do ’em exactly the way they should be done. So I’d probably be in that band, if they ever needed a really sick lead singer.”

Cooper’s praise didn’t stop there, and he went on to claim that Foo Fighters boast “the two best drummers”. The rock icon then recalled his first memories of Nirvana, and how Grohl stood out to him even more than Kurt Cobain.

He continued: “The first time I saw Nirvana, I looked right past the first two guys, and I said, ‘Who’s this drummer?’ ‘Cause he was really good; he stuck out. And I said, ‘If that band ever breaks up, I’m going for that drummer.’… I went up and did a couple of songs with (drummer Taylor Hawkins’s) band also. And he is really something. Hawkins is the Energizer bunny.”

If you’ve ever wondered what seeing Alice Cooper fronting the Foo Fighters would look like, then you’re in luck. In 2011, he joined them in Milton Keynes for an electrifying performance of ‘School’s Out’ and ‘I’m Eighteen’, which you can watch below.