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(Credit: Olivia O.)


Olivia O. releases new solo single 'All I Want'

Olivia O. - 'All I Want'

Lowertown singer Olivia O. has released a new solo single from her upcoming EP Great Big Nothing, the hazy and blissed-out ‘All I Want’.

“‘All I Want’ is about my newfound homesickness and growing feelings of isolation that developed as a result of moving out,” Olivia explains. “New problems arose as I progressed more into adulthood and many of them felt beyond my ability to deal with. While I was away, I was craving the comfort and stability of home for the first time in my life and really wanted to be around the people who I felt understood me most.”

The indie-pop track is starkly lo-fi, with a potent mix of strummed guitars, breathy vocals, and clattering rhythms that melt into each other as they bounce around your head. Different vocal lines and harmonies float around like ghosts in a haunted house, appearing briefly before disappearing back into the ether. It all adds together to make an engrossing listening experience, not exactly conventional pop but something more esoteric and harder to pin down.

Olivia’s dream-pop sensibilities are intact from hero the project Lowertown, the band she currently fronts with fellow lo-fi acolyte Avsha the Awesome. The duo are working on an EP as we speak, which will be the follow up to last year’s Honeycomb, Bedbug. Olivia herself will be following up the Bedtime Music EP with Great Big Nothing, and it promises to be another release filled with great bedroom pop tunes from an artist who is quickly becoming an expert at making them.

Check out the audio for ‘All I Want’ down below. Great Big Nothing is set for a June 10 release.