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(Credit: Tan Hill Inn)


Oasis tribute band spend third night trapped with revellers in isolated Yorkshire pub


Following a surprise snowstorm that blew in on November 26th, Oasis tribute band, Noasis, are currently still stranded with a group of drinkers in an isolated Yorkshire pub. The snow came in with Storm Arwen, which has left 61 people trapped in the Tan Hill Inn in a remote and lofty spot on the Yorkshire Dales.

The Tan Hill Inn is Britain’s highest pub, located 528m above sea level. On the evening of the 26th, many had travelled from the surrounding area to watch the Oasis tribute band but became stranded when the snowfall made the roads impassable. “We recommended anyone in the pub to stay out rather than endanger life on the snow covered moors,” the pub’s owner, Mike Kenny told Manchester Evening News.

Kenny then advised the stranded revellers to stay put until rescue arrived. “No one is going anywhere yet,” he told his customers. “The police advised we all stay out for now. Our snowplough is snowed in.” Noasis and their audience are currently still stranded and are facing their third night in the pub. Still, I suppose there are worse places to be trapped.

On Saturday, November 27th, Noasis managed to send a message to the outside world via the wonders of modern technology, writing on Twitter: “Sorry to announce we’re stranded Tan Hill Inn Yorkshire,” which they followed up with another tweet on the 28th, “Oh it’s a lovely war! Stranded for a third night – hope it rains tomorrow.”

Thankfully the pub staff are doing all they can to keep spirits (pun slightly intended) up. Last night, for example, they organised a karaoke night. There are also plans to do a quiz, show films on the pub projector, and have a Sunday lunch. Thank God it’s not the 1970s, that’s all I can say. We like to moan about the disappearance of the old-school crisps and lager boozer, but imagine being trapped in one; with nothing but wee-infused peanuts and cigarette ash to see you through another cold night.

Nicola Townsend, The pub’s general manager, told The Guardian that the trapped individuals have formed “quite a friendship. Like a big family is the best way I can describe it”. According to Townsend, one lady went so far as to declare: “I don’t want to leave”. I suppose it’s just as well because it looks like those at the pub could be trapped for a little longer, with the bad weather set to continue in the coming days. There is cause for optimism, however. Today, the cold weather alert issued by the UK Heath Security Agency is set to be lifted.