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(Credit: Michael Spencer Jones)

"Oasis reunion would be the death of me as a person," says Noel Gallagher


Noel Gallagher has dismissed any talk of a potential Oasis reunion.

Noel, whose relationship with brother Liam has been non-existent since the band split in 2009, has a new record out and is competing with his brother in the solo market.

With the somewhat never-ending questions about getting the band together, Noel quashed the discussion emphatically saying: “It would be the death of me as a person.”

“I’ve been very consistent about it,” Noel told Q. “I don’t need the money, I don’t need the glory, I don’t need to relive the memories. If I was to get Oasis back together tomorrow and then do a tour, I’d have a hundred million dollars in the bank but I’d have learnt fuck all.”

“I’d have actually wasted a year of being in the studio with a person like David Holmes. It would be the death of me as a person.”

Gallagher added: “I could understand if we were a band who’d been going for five years and were just at out peak, but Oasis have got no unfinished business. We did it. We fucking did it, and then some. It’s done.”