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(Credit: Alamy)


Watch Oasis perform an acoustic rendition of 'Stand By Me' back in 1997


When one thinks of the Britpop heroes Oasis and their special brand of cockier than an abandoned henhouse lad rock, they think of buzzing amplifiers, roaring riffs and the crackle of electricity. With machismo emanating out of every Mancunian pore, the group were always destined for stadium-sized shows, and they delivered a raucous sound almost every time they set foot on stage.

Looking back through their canon and you will find a heaving pile of songs built out of similar values, screaming for sex, drugs and alcohol amid a flurry of high-voltage classic rock. However, strip back the bravado and the amplifiers that kick the volume up and, more often than not, you have a gentle and soulful ballad in waiting. As ever, hidden behind the howler monkey hooting is often a sensitive song ready for a gentle performance. Below, we’ve got one such moment for Oasis as Liam and Noel Gallagher play an acoustic rendition of their hit, ‘Stand By Me’.

Released as the second single of the band’s ill-fated LP Be Here Now record, the album that very few members of the group. The single, however, went to the pinnacle of the charts, only being kept off the top spot by Elton John’s tribute to Princess Diana, ‘Candle In The Wind 1997′. The track is now regarded as one of Oasis’ best and came from curious circumstances.

Noel Gallagher claims to have written the song while suffering from a self-inflicted bout of food poisoning following his Sunday roast attempts. Too ill to stay at his own home, he did what a sensible person would do and sought the advice of his mum.

In the album’s promotional run, Gallagher said of the song: “It starts, ‘Made a meal and threw it up on Sunday’. When I first moved to London me mam kept on ringing up and asking was I eating properly. Yes, Mam. So I tried to cook a Sunday roast and puked up for two days with food poisoning. It was back to Pot Noodles after that.”

It spawned the infamous line: “Made a meal and threw it up on Sunday/ I’ve got a lot of things to learn.” It also provides a beating heart to the emotional track, providing a more vulnerable side to the band. It’s a sentiment compounded within this beautiful performance from 1997 as the band performs the song “by the pool”. The clip is taken from a BBC documentary that aired the night before the band’s third album was released.

It’s a wonderful performance that showcases that, despite their mawkish image, Oasis were capable of delivering a heartfelt moment as good as anyone.