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Credit: Oasis


Oasis' Bonehead shares candid moments during 'Definitely Maybe' sessions


Former Oasis member Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs has shared a clutch of candid untold stories from the recording sessions of the Mancunians’ iconic album, Definitely Maybe

As we continue to self-isolate across the globe amid the coronavirus outbreak, artists have been taking to the internet to keep the connection with fans going and alleviate some of the doldrums of staying indoors.

Bonehead was appearing on The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess online listening party. The Charlatans singer has been welcoming guests to take part in listening parties with tidbits from the artists who created them.

As well as playback on Franz Ferdinand’s self-titled album, The Charlatans Some Friendly, and Blur’s Parklife, Burgess now turned his attentions to the Oasis debut.

This event welcomed Bonehead, Brian Cannon and Kevin Cummins alongside Burgess to dissect the band’s legendary album. As ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’ plays, Bonehead told fans: “When I think of my guitar sound it’s always this track I look to.”

As the questions rolled in Bonehead struggled to keep up but continued to offer wonderful tidbits on the recording process.

Bonehead also mentioned how on ‘Live Forever’, Noel Gallagher’s impressive solo “took him 28 takes, don’t let him tell you otherwise.”

Bonehead also revealed: “The melody for ‘Shakermaker’ was stolen from the Coca Cola advert,” and that the song “originally had the words I’d like to buy the world a coke to keep it company, but we had to take them off or else, said Coca Cola.”

Find below some of Bonehead’s responses to the tracks and Brian Cannon, designer of the album artwork for Definitely Maybe, share some original concepts for the artwork.

Arthurs also had high praise for ‘Slide Away’ suggesting it was “the best ever vocal take from Liam in my opinion. When he sings “oh let me be the one” I’d let him be the one. “As well as ‘Married with Children’, I love the guitar sound on this, it was an unplugged electric of Coyleys, miked up in the bedroom. Another great vocal from Liam too.”

Brian Cannon’s original concept for the album’s artwork was a little different from the finished product: “Before we had settled on the idea of shooting the sleeve in Bonehead’s house, Liam’s ‘concept’ for the artwork was a knife in a lump of butter—true story!