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Nova Twins unveil UK headline tour in support of 'Supernova'


Nova Twins have confirmed a string of new live dates in support of their forthcoming second album, Supernova. The rock duo will hit the road in November, with headline shows in Glasgow, London, and Manchester.

Taking to social media, Nova Twins tweeted: “So excited to announce our Supernova album tour. These are gunna be our biggest UK headline shows to date, happening November 2022”.

Last month, Nova Twins declared Supernova “the beginning of a new era”, before going on to explain how the creation of the album helped them to make sense of the chaotic post-pandemic world: “As we delved into the unknown, making this album became our medicine through a turbulent time. It’s a reflection of where we were and how far we have come, encased in a fantasy world that we imagined.”

They went on to add: “‘Supernova’ is made out of dreams, triumphs and colourful nightmares. When you get to the other side, you will always come out a winner.”

In a recent interview, Amy Love and Georgia South described Supernova “a journey of lockdown and coming out the other end a winner. It’s dark, but it’s also quite sinister. But also fun,” Love said. “It’s a journey of lockdown and coming out the other end a winner. We’re really excited.”

Supernova is slated for release on June 17th via Marshall Music and will feature the lead single ‘Antagonist’, which was shared back in November, and ‘K.M.B’, which came out last month.