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(Credit: Nova Twins)


Nova Twins share Dream Wife remix


Nova Twins have dived headfirst into the remix game. Last week, we got to hear 333 Wreckords Crew label mates Fever333’s take on the band’s ‘Undertaker’. Now, we get to hear pop-punk cool kids Dream Wife rework the Twins’ track ‘Bullet’.

The feminist team-up of the century, ‘Bullet’ kicks back at the societal pressures and expectations that women feel just being themselves every day. If there’s a better way to force that message in the face of others, I can’t think of a better way than through the potent pairing of overwhelming distortion and dance beats.

“We wanted a song that makes women feel powerful, that they can say, do and wear what they want without judgement or scrutiny,” Nova Twins said in a statement. “Unrealistic beauty ideals and objectification have formed a toxic and hypercritical environment for women. This is a call to arms for anyone anywhere to stand up against these social norms and say enough is enough.”

Hell yeah! Fuck the patriarchy! The shared ethos of the two groups make for a highly combustible team up, one that explodes through the speakers and into your brain the very first time you hear the song.

“When Dream Wife contacted us, we thought who better to help us elevate this message than these incredible women,” the Twins continued. “They are creating spaces for people to feel empowered and exist safely in their own right, no matter who they are or how they express themselves. We also love their bad ass tunes and love to see them succeed time after time, they’re killing it.”

The synergy going on here is infectious. ‘Bullet’ the kind of song you can just jam to without thinking too hard about, but if you only listen passively, you’ll be missing a killer message and some searing lyrical content. Prick up your ears, you prick. This remix is worth it.

Check out the audio for ‘Bullet (Dream Wife Remix)’ down below.