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(Credit: Mitch Ikeda)


Noel Gallagher's favourite Pink Floyd song he's 'ripped off' countless times


Like him or loathe him, it’s hard to argue that Noel Gallagher isn’t one of the greatest songwriters Britain has ever produced. His dominance of the 1990s with his band Oasis will live long in the memory and act as a testament to his pop music prowess. If there’s one thing Oasis knew how to do, it was deliver a wondrous chorus. However, given the opportunity to pick out some of his favourite songs of all time, Gallagher largely aims at the more expressive side of music.

Noel Gallagher is an artist that has always paid homage to the rock stars who paved the way before him. The singer and guitarist has continually littered his music, both solo and with brother Liam Gallagher in Britpop bastions Oasis, with references to acts such as The Beatles, The Who, Bob Dylan and so many more all becoming a rich part of the band’s lexicon.

With those endorsements, Gallagher has continued to assert himself as part of the same elite category, providing rock anthems that still ring out clearly 25 years after Oasis first broke on to the scene. With a back catalogue as jam-packed with his as any of their contemporaries, there’s a great chance that a generation will soon look to Gallagher the way he turned to the icons of British rock and roll that came before him. However, it would be quite difficult to draw a line between Oasis and the prog-rock experimental icons Pink Floyd.

The Floyd have always been regarded as one of the music world’s most expressive bands. Fronted by David Gilmour and Roger Waters, the band dominated the 1970s as one of the highest-selling groups around. Their experimental sounds and atmospheric nuances would flood the airwaves of the decade and it was clearly a time that Gallagher was turning the dial.

During another radio conversation, as Gallagher spoke to Desert Island Discs, the Oasis man shared his love of the band. The Manchester legend picked out Pink Floyd song ‘Nobody Home’ as his favourite from the band and the only Pink Floyd song he would take with him to an inescapable desert island.

‘Nobody Home’ features on the band’s standout LP The Wall. Picking out his third song of the traditional eight numbers, he says to host Kirstie Young: “I’m gonna play a track by Pink Floyd,” he notes, “from the album, The Wall, I know every single word and I can sing it in sequence at the drop of a hat. Roger Waters, for me… I’d love to meet him. His songwriting is so simple yet the story is so grandiose and the whole thing is so epic—I wish I could write an album like that y’know. A concept album. I think I’d have to get extremely pretentious first but this track, called ‘Nobody Home’, it bends my head.”

He then goes on to jokingly confess, “I’ve probably ripped it off at least three times or more. If you’re listening Roger Waters, I am gonna lick your face one day.” A fearsome threat to accompany one of the most beautiful moments in a bleak record.

Listen below to Pink Floyd’s ‘Nobody Home’, Noel Gallagher’s favourite song from the band.