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Noel Gallagher admits he would "jump" at the chance to be in The Smiths


In a new conversation with Zane Lowe, Noel Gallagher has managed to not only avoid speaking too heavily on a reunion with his feuding brother Liam but also throw his hat in the ring for another reunion – that of The Smiths.

In the conversation with the Beats 1 Radio host, Gallagher said that he would love to get back to “just be a guitarist for a while”. The mere mention of which will probably have Oasis fans screaming for joy…. but wait.

Instead, Gallagher revealed that if Manc icons The Smiths ever got back together he would love to be the guitarist in that band. And… “Not that band [Oasis], but sometimes when I sit in with [Paul] Weller I just think ‘thank god for that’.”

Noel revealed that The Smiths larger incarnation which would see Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Mike Joyce, Andy Rourke and later Craig Gannon, could allow him to take part. “I would love, and it’s never gonna happen, it’s a thing in a parallel universe, if The Smiths got back together. I’m Craig Gannon and I’d go to Johnny [Marr] and say don’t get another guitarist mate – I’m your man.” The pair do share a very intrinsic bond.

However, the Smiths reunion feels less likely than an Oasis one, if that’s possible. With Marr recently laughing off the rumours of a reunion with a hint at Morrissey’s newfound love for the far-right and the rest of the band squabbling, it feels as likely as Moz voting Labour come December 12th.

So while we fantasise about a band featuring Noel Gallagher and Johnny Marr it’s one we will have to keep to ourselves – but for now, watch them perform