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Noel Gallagher slams Theresa May and Boris Johnson over Brexit: “They’re still lying!”

Noel Gallagher has taken aim at Theresa May and Boris Johnson over what he calls Brexit “lies”.

Gallagher, fresh from performing at the Mercury Prize award where his most recent album was nominated, joined morning Good Morning Britain and couldn’t hold back his political frustration. “They’re still lying to us now! Theresa May, bless her, is lying about the [European Union] deal”, the former Oasis man said.

“And the ‘remoaners’, or whatever they’re called, are lying about what’s going to happen,” he continued before adding: “Then there’s the £350 million from Boris Johnson and all the rest of them.

“They should leave us out of it! Tell us what it is and we’ll get on with it. “

Here’s the clip: