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(Credit: Matt Crockett)


Noel Gallagher considering selling the rights to his back catalogue

Former Oasis founding member Noel Gallagher has admitted that he is open to potentially selling the rights to his extensive back catalogue.

Leading figures of the music industry have taken the opportunity to cash in on their work in recent months, with the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Paul Simon and more all auctioning off the rights to their music in huge landmark deals.

Now, as Gallagher reflects on his career to date while still promoting the impending release of Back The Way We Came: Vol 1 – 2011-2021, he has admitted to being open to the idea of a major sale in the coming years.

“Well, I get mine [the rights to his catalogue] back, all of it, in 2025, because I’ve been knocking years off the deal as opposed to taking money advances,” Gallagher said as part of an interview with  Apple Music Hits’ Matt Wilkinson. “I was like, ‘I don’t need it anymore’.”

Adding: “The way that I look at it is I’ll be approaching 60, and it’s like, do I want to leave it to my kids, who’ll probably swap it for a fucking PlayStation game? Or do I get rid of it now and set everybody up for life? Because I’ve always wanted to buy a fucking 88 superyacht, and call it… You know, you see them in the sea, and it’s like ‘Ocean Breeze’. I want to call mine ‘Mega Mega White Thing’. Like the biggest fucking superyacht of all time.”

Discussing the reality of a potential sale, Gallagher admitted that he will “see how I feel in 2025” if he would proceed. “But my idea now is to kind of sell it,” he added. “But then you walk that tight rope of, ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ could be in a shampoo advert. You’ve got to kind of take that into consideration.”

Concluding: “And they, whoever buys it, can do what they want with it. So there’s a long, long, long conversation to be had.”

See the interview, below.