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(Credit: Mitch Ikeda)


Noel Gallagher says he's hitting a songwriting "purple patch"


Good news for Oasis and Noel Gallagher fans as the Mancunian Britpop legend says that he has hit his stride once more with songwriting, claiming to be in a “purple patch” for making tunes.

The news comes ahead of Gallagher’s upcoming new album. The former Oasis man has been busy working away at the follow-up to 2017’s Who Built The Moon? and claims that he is seeing the fruits of his labour ripen.

Considering the new direction Gallagher has often hinted at taking, this album looks set to be the moment that the singer makes his move. Speaking to Matt Morgan on his podcast, Gallagher said: “I’ve been in the studio on a bit of a roll. Bit of a run, bit of a purple patch, some mega tunes, really fucking great.

“I’m doing the songs for a new album,” continued Gallagher, “I’ve been in the studio every day. If I didn’t have that, I don’t know where I’d be at now. If I wasn’t going in there every day. Actually, some fucking great stuff has come out of it.”

The snippets of music that have been shared have all suggested that this album will be different from anything in Gallagher’s current canon. Using the psychedelic influences we’ve already heard, this LP could ‘go electro’ and put Gallagher into the role of dancefloor producer the star admitting the album plays with “electro shimmer pop”.

He did, however, go on to confirm what he meant: “It’s not electro at all really. It’s just because they’re demos, when you hear the finished thing it will be unrecognisable to that but it will still have the same vibe.”

Galllagher also gave a little insight into his working life: “Everything is motoring, well actually, just cruising. As soon as everything opens I’ll just be living the dream again. My studio is in town so I’ll be in town, going to the pub for lunch, going back to the studio pissed up, shouting at people.”

Can we expect to hear the record this year? Well, we’re not so sure, as Gallagher himself is none the wiser as to when the music will arrive: “Fuck knows. I’m only at the writing stage now. After the last five years flat out touring I’d given myself until 2023 off anyway, before the pandemic came along.

“I’m still on schedule. I’m just taking my time, I was always going to be writing for a couple of years, so I’m still in that mode so I’m not working towards any definite date.”