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(Credit: Mitch Ikeda)


Noel Gallagher says Oasis bandmates were musically “conservative”

Noel Gallagher has been reflecting on the creative aspect of his former band, Oasis, and the battle to remain original in the midst of major commercial success.

With repeated speculation that the Manchester-based band could reunite for a tour which could be worth in excess of £100million, Noel Gallagher has always refuted the idea and focussed his attentions on his current offering through his group the High Flying Birds.

While Oasis continued to enjoy chart success with every release, Gallagher has been discussing the difficulties he encountered with the band with each member having their own view of rock and roll. “There was a responsibility to everyone else, and some people in the band were very conservative in their views of rock music,” Gallagher said in a recent interview with Music Week. “The longer you stay in a band like that, the more you become institutionalised – the way things are done is the way things are done.

“You’re making music for your surroundings, so you just make music to fill stadiums and, when it’s great, it’s the greatest thing ever. But it got to the point where I’d said it all and done it all.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Gallagher explained that the now-iconic Oasis hit ‘The Masterplan’ was only deemed worthy of a B-side at the time of its creation. “The singles had to have three B-sides and I was always coming up two songs short,” Noel explained. “I remember writing ‘The Masterplan’ at home in Camden and then going to Maison Rouge [Studios] in Fulham the next day and playing it on an acoustic guitar to silence.

“I’d write ‘The Masterplan’, ‘Talk Tonight’ or ‘Half The World Away’ and nobody would say, ‘Do you want to hold that back?’ It’s only as the years have gone along that I’ve realised that was mental. But we were all mad in the 90s – Alan McGee was off his tits and he was running the label.”