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Credit: YouTube


Relive Oasis' Noel Gallagher's touching acoustic cover of The Beatles' 'Help!'


If there are two bands intrinsically linked, then it’s hard to look any further than The Beatles and their Mancunian grandchildren, Oasis. Here, we are looking back at Noel Gallagher’s cover of one of the Fab Four’s most iconic hits, ‘Help!’.

The clip below sees a fresh-faced Noel take to a typical nineties set at MTV Latino and give a stripped-back and touching cover of The Beatles’ 1965 hit ‘Help!’, the title track from the band’s soundtrack to the film of the same name.

Noel Gallagher has never shied away from his adoration of The Beatles. It would be hard to be in a British rock and roll band without finding at least a little influence from John, Paul George, and Ringo. But unlike most artists, Gallagher along with his brother and band Oasis, have reached the same heights as their heroes.

Alongside Oasis, Noel has covered some of Britain’s pantheon of rock and roll gods, even working alongside Paul McCartney and Paul Weller in covering The Beatles in the early ’90s. But this cover is a little different.

First off, it’s Noel out on his own way before the idea of a solo career was any real choice in his life. It also plonks Noel staring down the barrel of a camera with only a mic for company. While by 1998, Noel had begun to take on some vocal duties, the prospect of performing like this must’ve added some extra fears. When you chuck a hefty cherry of covering one of John Lennon’s favourite Beatles songs on to that anxiety sundae, it becomes a little hard to handle.

Handle it Noel did though and he delivers a touching performance of the song. Though we’re used to hearing the up-tempo and swaying beat of the 1965 original, Noel takes the song into a far darker place. Slowing the tempo, and adding a different sentiment to the original, Noel adds a certain sadness to the proceedings.

He takes The Beatles track and provides a heartfelt and moving performance – it sees Noel Gallagher at his most honest on stage, expertly transcending the Beatles tune into a sound of his own. Watch below as Noel Gallagher takes on The Beatles’ ‘Help!’ below: