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(Credit: Mitch Ikeda)


Noel Gallagher has shared a new uplifting song 'We're Gonna Get There In The End'


As the dumpster fire of a year that was 2020 draws to a close, the hope that no mutant overlords or supersized rats will eventually come out form the sewers to rule us grows brighter and brighter. It’s almost the exact sentiment that Noel Gallagher has shared in his brand new song, a recently recorded demo, ‘We’re Gonna Get There In the End’.

It’s not very often that you will catch us turning to the Mancunian Britpop legend, Noel Gallagher, for a bit of festive cheer. The razor-tongue older brother of Oasis has made a good career out of putting people down and so his new song, a musical pat on the back in many ways, comes as a bit of a shock.

“Firstly let me wish everyone a Happy New Year,” begins the message left on Gallagher’s social media accounts about the song. “Things can only get better from here!! (saying that, they couldn’t get much worse could they?!) Anyway I’ve been writing and noodling recently and I’ve made a little demo of a tune that I wrote a couple of weeks ago and it actually came out sounding pretty good…the lyrics are quite apt for the times and I think I’d like to share it with you.”

What transpires is a ditty that, as well as sounding like archetypal Gallagher, also has a sense of optimism missing from most lockdown music. The pandemic has seen many artists retreat to their studios to create music for their fans to represent one of the strangest moments in human history. However, when faced with this challenge, most have chosen either escapism or nihilism. Noel Gallagher, meanwhile, has produced a figurative arm around the shoulder.

With a video set to the empty streets of the first major quarantine, showing us the stones we miss walking on so dearly, it’s a heartening track. Though a little rough around the edges: “P.S. IT’S ONLY A DEMO,” writes Gallagher, there’s a gentle authenticity to the song that makes us feel a little better about what 2021 could bring.

Listen to Noel Gallagher’s new song ‘We’re Gonna Get There In The End’ below.