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(Credit: Mitch Ikeda)


The reason why Noel Gallagher hates Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys


Noel Gallagher is well known for his golden touch at songwriting and the pivotal role he played in making Oasis into the titans of Britpop they were. His place in the pantheon of British music is undeniable. However, he is arguably equally as well-known for enjoying a good moan every now and then. Even Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys have found themselves on the receiving end of a brutal Gallagher barb.

Gallagher has always been somebody that holds every other artist to his impeccably high standards. If they don’t do it his way, then they need to live in fear at the possibility of facing the wrath of his famously scything tongue. The High Flying Birds singer has a habitual instinct to declare his opinion as fact and, if anyone dares to disagree with his perspective, they are the fools in the wrong. 

When the former Oasis man found himself on a press run for his 2017 album with his current band, he didn’t take lightly to an interviewer from Paste Magazine trying to praise Who Built The Moon by comparing it with Beach Boys chief Brian Wilson. Rather than taking the comment as a compliment as it was intended, Gallagher ascended into a rant about his disdain towards Brian Wilson and everything Brian Wilson related.

“Fuckin’ hell—I hate Brian Wilson! And you know what? If there’s a more overrated person in the music business than me, it’s that guy,” Gallagher lamented about Wilson, whilst managing to squeeze in a spot of self-deprecation.

This incident isn’t the first time that he slammed The Beach Boys. In 2011, he appeared on an episode of Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus’ TV show, Hoppus On Music, and publicly tore into the pop music pioneers. Hoppus questioned a recent favourite albums list that Noel had provided. It only featured British bands and asked him if he hates Americans, to which Noel characteristically replied: “Yeah, pretty much.”

When asked to elaborate why Gallagher explained: “Everything they do and everything they say. That’s a joke, by the way. The Stooges were a great band and The Doors, but, there just not in the top thirteen.”

Hoppus then asks Gallagher what album he’s bought most of his life. The Blink-182 man then revealed that he’d purchased The Beach Boys album, Pet Sounds, over twenty times, which infuriates the former Oasis man. “Why? Don’t you think they are the most overrated group of all time?” he asked.

“The only reason that they are anyway successful is because they are next to The Beatles in alphabetical order and Paul McCartney likes them. That’s it. Barbershop quartet music. Fucking rubbish,” he barked at the Blink 182 singer.

In 2005 he went as far as labelling Brian Wilson “a cabbage”. Speaking to The Age about touring with Jet, Gallagher stated: “I love them boys. The bass player threatened to drink every member of Oasis under the table on more than one occasion and would then promptly pass out. But their new fucking record, man, I’m telling you, I am pretty fucking amazed by. One tune sounds like the Beach Boys. Not that I like the Beach Boys. I fucking hate the Beach Boys – I think Brian Wilson is a cabbage.”

This opinion is one that Gallagher has seemingly clung onto for decades. The Beach Boys might perhaps be his biggest Achilles heel; not even Liam seems to get him as irate as the universal love-in that everyone else on earth seems to be on-board with, apart from him. Noel is one to stick to his guns and is renowned for being one of the most stubborn men in rock and I wouldn’t bet on Gallagher changing his opinion on Wilson anytime soon, but, at least he’s stopped referring him to as a “cabbage”.