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Noel Gallagher's favourite Pink Floyd album


Across their 15-studio album career, different periods of Pink Floyd captured the hearts of multiple generations who had varying entry points to their work. For Noel Gallagher, he considers one of their album’s as the zenith of their output.

Gallagher’s love of psychedelia is not something that he didn’t interpolate into his career until recent years, and judging solely from Oasis, one would never presume that it was even a genre of music he cared for. However, in his newer material, Noel has started creating the most experimental music of his career with his High Flying Birds. At last, his love of artists like Pink Floyd has begun to shine through.

However, this genre of all-encompassing sound has always been something that Gallagher admired since he was a teenager. Following the split of Oasis, he even recorded a “space rock” solo album produced by dance duo Future Sound Of London, who described it as “1970s Floyd devotion”, but the record never saw the light of day with Noel calling it “a bit shit”.

The former Oasis man then returned to the sound for his 2017 album, Who Built The Moon?, which was his first official foray into psychedelic rock, and it’s an LP that he had been dreaming of making for decades. However, Gallagher admitted that if he attempted to push Oasis into this kaleidoscopic direction, then “there would have been bedlam”.

Opening up about his favourite albums of all time to The Quietus, Gallagher highlighted The Wall by Pink Floyd as the group’s magnum opus. He explained: “When I left school, The Wall was the pothead’s album. Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here I maybe overplayed but The Wall I could never get tired of,” he said.

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“That track ‘Nobody Home’ just brings back so many memories for me. After leaving school, I just used to go round my mates house, skin up, and we’d listen to this. Happy, carefree days,” He added.

The Wall was a Roger Waters creation, and, understandably, David Gilmour didn’t agree with Gallagher on this topic when the two had the conversation about Floyd’s finest work. “I met Dave Gilmour once at an industry thing and I think I pissed him off,” he continued.

“I said to him, ‘Dave, I think The Wall is your best album but my wife won’t have it, she prefers listening to Meddle.’ And he said, ‘Well, clearly your wife has impeccable taste where you have little. I suggest you listen to her.’ I was like, ‘What the fuck are you talking about? She hasn’t got a clue! Get out of it.'”

When Gallagher drops the needle on his copy of The Wall, he’s transported back to those “happy, carefree days” of his youth when life was simple. It’s an album about more than just the songs for him, but the blissful memories it soundtracked. 

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