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Noel Gallagher hints at documentary on forthcoming Abbey Road recorded album

Noel Gallagher has revealed that he plans to turn the recording process of his forthcoming album at Abbey Road into a ‘making of’ documentary. I wonder what has recently given him that idea?

Speaking on The Matt Morgan Podcast, the elder Gallagher said that he wants to preserve the “magic moments” of him and his band crafting the album in the iconic studio. 

Drawing comparisons to Get Back, the former Oasis frontman remarked that it would purely document that business end of the recording process. “Me writing, once you’ve seen it for an hour, then you’ve seen it,” he joked.

Adding: “They’re The Beatles and Paul McCartney is writing ‘Get Back’ and I’m writing a record which, frankly, with the best will of the world, not a lot of people are going to give a shit about.”

The famously self-effacing songwriter then continued: “Me noodling away on the same five chords I’ve been using all my life going, ‘Sunshine, through the rain, can’t buy fame ’, it’s not got the same gravitas.”

As for the album itself, Noel Gallagher revealed that he is set to head into Abbey Road Studios at some point in the next month, and he has already promised a melancholy classic, stating: “One is one of my favourite songs that I’ve ever written, it’s got great chords and it’s very, very sad.”

Naturally, no release date or further details about the album or filming process have been revealed just yet, but more details are expected in the coming weeks.