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Noel Gallagher confirms Oasis Knebworth documentary celebrating 25th anniversary


In 1996, there was no band bigger than Oasis. Fronted by the feuding Gallagher brothers, in the summer of ’96, as football threatened to come home and a wave of optimism hit the country, the Mancunian heroes of new were beginning to exert their dominance. Now, some 25 years later, Noel Gallagher has confirmed that a brand new documentary celebrating one particular triumph is on the way.

One of Britpop’s lasting “were you there?” moments, the two nights Oasis played at Knebworth, is set to be given a brand new documentary. To quote Liam Gallagher, the gigs have gone down as “biblical” moments in not only the band’s history but British popular culture.

Earlier this year, the two brothers began another set of rumours amid a long line of potential reunions when they set up Kosmic Kyte via Companies House, a production company which is for “motion picture production activities”. Hopes of a reunion have been dashed ever since their 2009 split and now it seems that the company was formed purely to release this monumental doc.

Speaking with Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2, following the release of a new single, Noel Gallaghagher confirmed there was no biopic or reunion on the way: “There’s a lot of stories in the press about it being a film company for a biopic, which of course it’s not,” Noel said.

“The gig Oasis did at Knebworth is 25 in August and back in 1996 we’d filmed it all really professionally with loads of cameras, we had cameras on the trains with fans. But for one reason or another, the film never came out but as it’s the anniversary coming up, we’re going to be releasing it now.

“I’ve seen a tiny trailer of it and it’s a fantastic snapshot of a bygone era before the internet. It’s great, really great.”

Given the seismic event that the performance was, bringing Britain to a figurative standstill, it’s likely to get those nostalgia muscles working in overdrive. Using memories of fans as well as footage, the film will explore perhaps one of the final rock ‘n’ roll revolutions.

For now, watch Oasis perform ‘Live Forever’ at Knebworth in 1996.