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Noel Gallagher on "the biggest fight" he had with his brother Liam


During their time in Oasis, Noel and Liam Gallagher were never far from coming to blows. Occasionally, their verbal altercations turned physical, including that fateful night in Paris which made them call it quits, but somehow, that wasn’t their “biggest fight”.

It is the worst-kept secret in rock that the relationship of the Gallagher brothers turned sour towards the end of their time in Oasis, and they were barely on speaking terms by the time the band split. Parting ways was undoubtedly the right decision, and with the benefit of hindsight, they probably should have ended the group years earlier.

However, even in the early days, they were squabbling, and their “biggest fight” happened during the recording of their second album, What’s The Story (Morning Glory). The band were cooped up at Rockfield Studios in rural Wales, and their countryside surroundings caused the band to quickly grow sick of one another.

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The band spent every hour of the waking day together with nobody else around. Things got messy after a few drinks, and Noel brutally decided to use bassist Paul McGuigan’s cricket set as a weapon against his annoying little brother. “As I recall, Liam was going pretty fucking mad. Somebody let a fire extinguisher off in the farmhouse. I think maybe one of my guitars got damaged, and I blamed him,” Noel said about the origins of the violent fall-out.

“I ended up having a proper fight with Liam. It might have been the biggest fight we ever had. I remember smashing his head in with a cricket bat,” he brutally added.

Liam’s version of events largely aligned with Noel’s, and he recalled: “The whole studio got smashed to pieces, everything just got blitzed to bits. It was probably me not giving a fuck, and him trying to write fucking ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, and me going, ‘Bollocks, let’s have it’.”

After taking it a step too far, Noel then recalled leaving the crime scene after jumping out of the window and driving away with Alan White. The drummer had only been in the band for a couple of weeks, and the incident was a culture shock for him. Things then began to look like a scene from a horror film when Liam attacked their vehicle with a dustbin as they tried to drive off.

Despite that incident, White somehow survived nine years in Oasis before departing in 2004. There was no better introduction into their world than this crazy fight at Rockfield, which adjusted him into the wild world of the Gallagher’s.

Hilariously, the cricket bat which Noel used on his brother was sold at auction in 2011, and this bloodied piece of rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia likely now proudly sits in the home of an Oasis fan with too much disposable income.