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Noel Fielding's favourite Christmas film of all time

For a while, there was no bigger countercultural star on British television than Noel Fielding, the idiosyncratic star of The Mighty Boosh and a regular attendee on multiple quiz shows across the landscape of BBC and Channel 4. As the eccentric, music-loving zookeeper in The Mighty Boosh, Fielding helped to create a subculture of young people who shunned social norms and embraced wild fashion and wacky humour. 

Growing up in Croydon, London, Fielding later found his feet at the Croydon School of Art before studying at Buckinghamshire University in 1992. Shortly after, Fielding would share an apartment with fellow comedians Simon Evans and Lee Mack as well as his future collaborator Julian Barratt. Barratt and Fielding’s collaboration as The Mighty Boosh would go on to sculpt the very identity of British comedy. 

Putting the troupe together in the late ‘90s, Fielding and Barratt enlisted the help of the American comedian Rich Fulcher as well as Fielding’s friend, Dave Brown, and brother, Michael before setting out to make comedy history. The troupe created three stage shows in 1999, 1999 and 2000 respectively, with each one taking place at the Edinburgh Fringe before their success took them to a radio series titled Autoboosh, before inevitably leading to a TV series being commissioned in 2004. 

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Enjoying a healthy three-season run, The Mighty Boosh instilled a sense of nonsensical comedy to the 21st century, recalling the likes of Monty Python whilst keeping in line with the burgeoning rise of internet humour. Alongside the efforts of Chris Morris’ Brass Eye series as well as Peep Show, from writers Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, Noel Fielding and The Mighty Boosh helped to herald in a style of comedy that runs rampant in contemporary Britain. 

Having since mellowed out from his days as one of Britain’s most vibrant comedians, Noel Fielding now appears as a judge on The Great British Bake Off though still displays a tendency for the odd and surreal. 

One may then expect his favourite Christmas film to be something along the lines of an obscure Polish comedy, instead, Noel Fielding opts for a festive classic as his top pick. Speaking to the Irish Times, Fielding revealed his favourite Christmas film is Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life, stating, “It’s amazing; I love James Stewart. Me and Julian Barratt were talking about doing a remake of that for a Christmas special”. 

Fielding goes on to describe a genius idea that he and his comedy partner had for a modern reimagining of the tale, a plan that unfortunately is yet to come to fruition. Describing his idea, he explains, “He kills himself and I turn up as an angel, but I’ve just come back from a fancy dress party and he doesn’t know that. I show him what life would be like when he’s gone – and it would be better!”.

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