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The Mighty Boosh’s Julian Barratt releases an 80’s hit for ‘Mindhorn’


Ahead of Barratt’s new film due out on Friday, he has released a track to go alongside, and anyone familiar with Barratt’s former occupation as one half of Mighty Boosh will know that this is going to be a banger.

The new flick ‘Mindhorn’ is the story of a fictional TV detective who can see crime. The title character is played by Richard Thorncroft who is played by Julian Barratt, with us?

Thorncroft/Barratt have released this “erotic power-rock” track to run alongside the films setting. It is a pure 80’s triumph. I mean, seriously, this could be straight off a compilation titled ‘Definitely 80’s music’, it’s frigging catchy as well.

Thorncroft/Barratt also said “Music is like a river you have to immerse yourself in fully before you can swim. I’d only dipped my toes in, now I’m naked and plunging into new, shimmering depths, why not join me?”