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(Credit: Noel Clarke Twitter)


Noel Clarke suing BAFTA for defamation after suspending membership


The Kidulthood and Bulletproof actor Noel Clarke has opened legal proceedings against BAFTA for defamation after the organisation suspended his membership following allegations of sexual harassment and bullying. 

Such allegations were published in The Guardian back in April of 2021, with the report outlining the statements of 20 women who were each accusing the star of a variety of sexual crimes. After looking into the case, Scotland decided that there was not enough evidence to launch a full investigation into Clarke and the many allegations centred around him. 

The claims came shortly after Clarke won the award for Outstanding British Contribution To Cinema at the 2021 BAFTAs where it was reported that the organisation knew of such allegations but decided to give the actor the award anyway. 

Noel Clarke’s award was subsequently suspended by the organisation whilst his membership was also revoked. Now, it is understood that Clarke has filed a defamation lawsuit against BAFTA as well as The Guardian Media Group and the owner of GQ, Condé Nast, who published an interview with the journalists who first wrote about the story. 

“A year ago, BAFTA was transparent about what led to Mr Clarke’s award and membership being suspended following serious accusations of groping, harassment and bullying by 20 women published by The Guardian,” BAFTA explained in a statement in retaliation to Clarke’s defamation claim. 

Continuing, the statement further reads, “We stand by our decision and are very surprised by the news he now wishes to sue the arts charity. If proceedings are served, we will of course defend ourselves”. 

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