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(Credit: Noel Clarke Twitter)


Noel Clarke speaks out about sexual harassment allegations: "I lost everything"


The Kidulthood and Bulletproof actor Noel Clarke has recently stated in an interview that he “lost everything” as a result of the sex harassment allegations made against him in 2021.

Such allegations were published in The Guardian back in April of 2021, with the report outlining the statements of 20 women who were each accusing the star of a variety of sexual crimes. After looking into the case, Scotland decided that there was not enough evidence to launch a full investigation into Clarke and the many allegations centred around him. 

The investigation caused BAFTA to suspend Noel Clarke’s membership, leading to the actor opening legal proceedings against BAFTA for defamation. 

In a new interview between Clarke and Mail on Sunday, the actor has spoken out about how much the event has impacted his life, stating, that it “damaged me in a way I cannot articulate… I lost everything”.

Continuing, he added, “20 years of work was gone in 24 hours. Have I ever made a saucy comment? One hundred per cent. But not to the extent that it warranted the destruction of my life”. 

Explaining his situation, Clarke further told the publication, “I can’t say I never talked about sex at work. We’re adults in a workplace… I think sometimes these are just normal conversations people have…I was never involved in any conversation that I didn’t believe was mutual”. 

Concluding the interview, Clarke revealed how the whole situation made him feel suicidal, saying, “I needed to do something unsurvivable…I was out of here. Done. I didn’t care about anything. My mind was destroyed”.