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(Credit: James Fry)


Noel and Liam Gallagher have been flirting again

Those bloody pesky brothers from Manchester have been at it again.

As Noel Gallagher packs up his touring gear for a major support slot for U2, Liam has accused his sibling of ‘brown nosing’ and having no shame prior to the event: “I see all that brown nosing is finally starting to pay off NO SHAME LG x,” he tweeted.

Not content with leaving at the subtle, more discreet dig at his brother, Liam went again on social media when a fan cheekily asked if he was planning to see the show himself… he isn’t:

“I’d rather eat my own shit than listen to them bunch of beige fucks as you were,” Liam again tweeted before following it up with his own description: “Toff rock,” he said.

The passive aggressive flirting doesn’t end there. Noel, who also has a twitter account (this how the former Oasis brothers now communicate), pointed out his excitement of trying out “The U2 Catering Experience” in a not-so-subtle nod of the head to his brother.

Eager not for his tweet to be missed, Noel then ended his message in Liam’s signature style… only with a twist: “AS YOU WEREN’T..KISS-KISS.. NG,” he wrote.

Ohhhh, what they like ey?