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Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg reveals Kurt Cobain's final phone call

Today, April 5, marks 25 years to the day that Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain took his own life.

Cobain’s rise from relatively unknown Seattle musician to the internationally recognised frontman of a pioneering grunge band was a rapid and, often, turbulent one. Amid drugs and health battles, Cobain’s depression became overwhelming and his ability to cope with fame had taken its toll.

Between 1990 and 1994 Danny Goldberg, who had become known as the “Kurt Whisperer”, was alongside Cobain as the band climbed the music industry one hit record at a time.

Now, Goldberg has published his memoir, Serving the Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain in which he draws on his memories of Cobain and details some of the specifics about being a close friend to a now iconic name in rock music.

The book doesn’t hold back and, at one point, Goldberg details the somewhat heartbreaking final phone call he had with Cobain. Noticing that his depression was enormous, Goldberg was attempting to talk Cobain round into a more positive way of thinking. The Star published the following excerpt:

“Danny Goldberg comes across as honest, straightforward and caring in exposing his relationship with Cobain.

Take this anecdote, for example: “Katie (Goldberg’s 3-year-old daughter) wandered into the room while I was talking to him and said she had something she’d been meaning to tell him. I hoped that her voice would cheer him up so I put her on the phone. She talked to Kurt for a minute or two, informing him indignantly that Frances (Kurt and Courtney’s daughter) had pinched her the last time they were together.

She paused to listen to his response and then said, ‘Kurt, you sound a little grumpy. Don’t be grumpy!’ and said she loved him and handed the phone back to me. I told him I loved him again. Kurt and I said goodbye to each other and his despair sounded undiminished. I felt helpless. It was the last time we spoke.”

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