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Kurt Cobain's hospital gown from Nirvana’s Reading 1992 headline show up for auction

The now infamous gig when Nirvana headlined Reading Festival back in 1992 turned out to be the band’s last UK show. During the performance, Cobain had a peculiar choice of outfit, turning up onstage in a hospital gown.

The hospital gown worn on that 92 show is now going up for auction and is expected to fetch tens of thousands. The RR Auction is preparing to sell the item for around $50,000, it has been claimed.

The gown comes with a letter of authenticity that states it is “in fine condition, with scattered stains and expected wear. [With] two small rusty holes from where Cobain had placed a small button… below Angelica Healthcare, Rented-Never Sold logo.”

The performance is seen as one of the bands moments of genius and was documented onto DVD and CD in 2009. The moment when Cobain is introduced to the crowd by wheelchair in a blonde wig was insane and definitely one that is yet to be beat at the big UK festival.

For further information, visit the online auction’s website.

View the 1992 Reading Performance below: