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Kurt Cobain was once sent to jail for graffitiing, says Buzz Osborne


Buzz Osborne, the charismatic frontman of the Melvins, has been taking a trip down memory lane, remembering the moment that Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain was sent to jail for graffitiing.

Osborne, who spent his teenage years alongside Cobain in Aberdeen, Washington, was discussing his close friendship with the Nirvana leader as part of a recently aired livestream that looked at the history of his band.

At one point during the event, the conversation turned to his childhood and Osborne relayed a story that saw him, Cobain and the ex-Melvins drummer Matt Dillard running around Aberdeen armed with spray cans. “You try to think of something that’s gonna really burn all these people there,” Osborne said, a thought that prompted him to explain his favourite graffiti tag being: “God is gay”.

However, the jokes soon turned sour when Cobain was pinched for spray-painting the phrase “ain’t got no how whatchamacallit” on a wall. “We walked around the corner of this bank and all of a sudden there’s cops, a bunch of cops everywhere,” Osborne explained. “And we just take off running in different directions.”

He added: “All of a sudden, we heard [a car screech] around the corner. They had nabbed Cobain somehow. Like, he was hiding somewhere and he went to the joint.”

Discussing Cobain’s artistic expression, Osborne concluded: “He was actually a really good artist, so if he spray-painted a picture it would really be good, but usually it was very dark humour and not very PC.”

Sounds about right.