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Listen as Melvins and Mudhoney join forces to cover Black Flag and Neil Young


In what might be the best news we’ve heard all week, the members of Melvins and Mudhoney have joined forces for a new EP called White Lazy Boy

With both bands emerging from the bustling 1980s music scene in Seattle, bass player Matt Lukin was the glue that linked them together by becoming a founding a pivotal member of both bands. While Lukin may have retired from music after leaving Mudhoney in 2001, the bands still remain as prolific as ever.

As both became pivotal members of the Seattle grunge movement which would later go on to birth the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and many more, Melvins and Mudhoney have solidified their presence as legends of the genre with relentless authority.

Now though, the two bands have joined forces on a new four-song EP called White Lazy Boy. Going quietly under the radar, rock record label Amphetamine Reptile Records released the EP as a CD special. The material was not put our on vinyl and, remarkably, it wasn’t shared on digital platforms.

Predictably, the EP sold out in quick time. Thankfully though, with the power of online music fans, the cover renditions of Black Flag song ‘My War’ and Neil Young track ‘Drive Back’ have surfaced online. 

Enjoy the recordings, below.