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Nirvana's Krist Novoselic says he's busy working "on a record"

Nirvana bass playing extraordinaire Krist Novoselic, has surprised fans by announcing that he’s currently busy working on an album and is planning to release it this spring. 

He announced the news via his Twitter account, posting an interview he did in 2011 with Bass Player magazine, saying, “I have not read this in years, but recall being happy with how it turned out.”

He explained, in the now-deleted tweet: “I am really busy trying to finish a record. In the middle of some hangups – looking for a mid-March release. But it’s a secret, so don’t tell anybody!”

This is not the first time that Novoselic will be releasing post-Nirvana material. Back in 2017, he formed the environmentally-conscious band Giants In The Trees. However, for the new project, it is not clear whether it will be a Giants In The Trees opus or some form of a solo project. 

Last year, Novoselic and Dave Grohl, the surviving members of Nirvana, were thrust into the media spotlight once again as the band’s sophomore album, Nevermind, celebrated its 30th birthday, which was marked with a special reissue. 

Novoselic told Uncut: “The anniversary is really for the fans and what the album means to them. If it helps people make some sense of the world, that’s great. You have to figure it out for yourself, though.”

In many ways, Nevermind changed the face of rock and roll forever. Popularising the quiet-loud-quiet dynamics that Pixies first utilised during the late ’80s, it re-wrote the handbook for alternative music and galvanised a generation in the process. Without it, you’d have no Placebo, Oasis or even the likes of The Libertines. It makes a strong claim for being the most culturally significant album released since The Beatles released Abbey Road

Strangely, the 30th celebrations of Nevermind, also brought some rather unsavoury legal proceedings between Nirvana and Spencer Elden, the baby on the famous front cover of the album. Elden claimed that he has suffered “lifelong damages” from the photograph, calling it child pornography and “commercial child sexual exploitation”. 

On the brighter side, we’re incredibly excited to hear what Krist Novoselic has in store for us. 

Listen to ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ below.