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(Credit: Molly Daniels)


Nilüfer Yanya shares new song ‘The Dealer’

English singer-songwriter Nilüfer Yanya has released the latest single from her upcoming second studio album, Painless.

The single ‘The Dealer’ was released yesterday (February 28th) with ATO Records. The single comes as the fourth track from the upcoming album following the release of ‘Stabilise’ in November 2021 and the subsequent release of ‘Midnight Sun’ and ‘Another Life’. 

“When I was writing this song, I was thinking about the transient nature of life and the cyclical nature of the seasons,” Yanya said of her new single in a press release. “I find it interesting how we attach certain memories and feelings to different seasons and tend to revisit them time and time again, yet our lives move in a more linear motion, and even when we feel like we are going back, we never really get to go back anywhere. Musically speaking, it’s a bit more playful and relaxed.”

The new album shows considerable growth since her debut LP Miss Universe while still retaining her unique contemporary take on pop-rock. Her style combines many influences from indie rock to soul and jazz.

In a statement regarding ‘Stabilise’, her first single from Painless, Yanya explained, “I was really thinking about your surroundings and how much they influence or change your perception of things,” Yanya said.

“A lot of the city is just grey and concrete, there’s no escape,” she continued. “The video plays on the central theme in the song of no one coming to save you ever. It’s set in depths of reality in everyday life where we are the only ones truly capable of salvaging or losing ourselves. Nothing is out there—both a depressing and reassuring statement (depending on how you look at it). Sometimes you have to dress up as a spy or a rock star and just hope for the best.”

Painless is set to arrive this Friday (March 4th) and will be followed by its supporting tour, which is set to kick off next month.

The tour kicks off in Glasgow, Scotland, on March 10th and wraps up in Portland, Oregon, on May 22nd.

Listen to Yanya’s latest single, ‘The Dealer’, below.