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Far Out Magazine presents Night Trippin' - An Interview with Pete Kember

Night Trippin’, as you’ll all know too well already, explores the weird and wonderful and this episode is no exception.

In this hour of music we’ve got music from Raymond Scott, Dirty Beaches, Glenn Branca, Skeeter Davis and plenty more.

In this episode, it give us great pleasure to reveal that Lee Thomas is in conversation with Pete Kember of Sonic Boom and, of course, cofounding member of shoegaze Gods Spacemen 3. Kember, talking from his home in Portugal, focuses on the importance of ‘environmental sounds’ to his work.

Kember, who recently sent out a joint statement with Jason Pierce urging fans NOT to buy rare re-released Spacemen 3 vinyl which went out on Record Store Day, also talks about how his life changed during the fuelled 1980s which can be heard in full below.

Tune in and freak out.

Read the full interview with Pete Kember, here.

David Axelrod – The Warning Talk Pt 3
Francis Bebey – Wuma Te
Harumi – Hello
Dirty Beaches – Lone Runner
Raymond Scott – Sleepy Time
Visable Cloaks – Neume
Kim Fowley – The Trip
Sonic Boom – You’re The One
Glenn Branca – Symphony No.3
The Magnetic Fields – How I Failed Ethics
Air – The Word Hurricane
Skeeter Davis – The End Of The World

To hear more of presenter Steven Dove’s work, visit his website here.