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Far Out presents Night Trippin' Episode #8 - 'Peru'

After Far Out’s brief stop off in Europe last week with a look at Italy, the Far Out train rolls on again and in the direction of South America with Peru the latest destination.

Presenter Steven Dove and Far Out man Lee Thomas explore the best music on offer from the Perusians with compositions by Cesar Bolanos, Los Mirlos, Philip Glass, Laghonia and more.

Given Peru’s Andean, Spanish, and African roots an eclectic list was always going to be on offer as we dip in to Los Diablos Rojos and roll into Black Sugar and Jean Paul El Troglodita.

Rock music has Peruvian roots dating back to the 1950s when performers such as Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Bill Haley had popularised rockabilly in North American and the sound waves has made their way south.

Having established the foundations, international trends such as British Merseybeat and American surf rock began to infiltrate the country of Peru, adding a unique Peruvian flair to the already booming popularity of the genre.

Ladies and gents, here’s Peru:

Night Trippin’ Tracklist:

Los Diablos Rojos – Sacalo Sacalo
Los Silvertons – Ternura
Los Saicos – Demolicion
Los Dostellos – Para Elisa
Laghonia – My Love
Cesar Bolanos – Intensidad y Altura
Los Yorks – Se Que No Cambiaras
Los Mirlos – Sonido Amazonico
Philip Glass – Anthem Pt 1(Powaqqatsi OST)
Black Sugar – Too Late
Jean Paul El Troglodita – Tema Del Troglodita
Los Belkings – Septima Patrulla
Cesar Bolanos – Interpolaciones
Traffic Sound – Sky Pilot

To hear more of presenter Steven Dove’s work, visit his website here.