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Far Out presents Night Trippin' Episode #6 - 'New Zealand'


Night Trippin’ is a show by Steven Dove in association with Far Out Magazine, which unearths global field recordings, alternative music and audio — one region at a time.

Setting sail from Japan last week, Night Trippin’ makes the relatively short 9,346 km trip south to sample the sweet and sharp taste of the Kiwi.

The 1980s in New Zealand saw the emergence the influential independent labels such as Propeller Records in Auckland and Flying Nun record label in Christchurch. The emergences of new indie bands helped define would later be coined the ‘Dunedin sound’ with the use of droning vocals, keyboards and simple drumbeats.

This week Night Trippin’ looks into that ’80s jangly guitar scene in New Zealand, specifically the Dunedin scene, file this episode somewhere in musical history between The VU and Yo La Tengo.

Expect The Clean, The Spies and Lawrence Arabia and a whole lot more:

Night Trippin’ Tracklist:

The Clean – Anything Could Happen
The Bats – Made Up In Blue
Alastair Galbraith – Bravely Bravely
The Dead C – Bad Politics
Birchville Cat Motel – Driving Bruce Russells Volvo
Lawrence Arabia – Talk About The Good Times
Tall Dwarfs – All My Hollowness To You
The Great Unwashed – Hold On To The Rail
Our Love Will Destroy The World – Galactic Masada
The Spies – The Battle Of Bosworth Terrace
Axemen – Big Cheap Motel

To hear more of presenter Steven Dove’s work, visit his website here.