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Nicole Kidman claims that women past 40 are “done” in Hollywood

Nicole Kidman recently made the headlines after starring in Being the Ricardos, Aaron Sorkin’s latest project which revolves around the relationship of popular culture icon Lucille Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz (played by Javier Bardem). The film received mixed reviews but Kidman was lauded for her commendable effort to portray such an important figure.

These positive comments were somewhat negated by the fact that Kidman received a lot of backlash when it was first announced that she would play the role of Ball. Kidman said: “Sometimes there is a thing where you go, ‘OK, can we just do it? And then if you guys want to destroy it, fine, we’ll accept that. But can we just try it first?’”.

In a new interview, the actress opened up about her new project and revealed how it is practically impossible for women over a certain age to make it in Hollywood due to all the age discrimination. Her own experiences led her to make the tragic claim that actresses over 40 are “done” in Hollywood due to the terrible casting system.

“There’s a consensus in the industry that as a female actor, at about 40, you’re done,” Kidman commented. “I never sat in a chair and heard someone say, ‘You’re past your due date’ but I’ve had times where you’re turned down and the door is shut on you. It’s definitely changing and moving.” Kidman also noted that it is imperative for female actors to be resilient even during the acting process because of the prevalent attitudes.

Being the Ricardos was regarded as a dubious project before it came out and many have stood by that assessment, insisting that Sorkin’s film failed to properly capture the star power of its subjects. However, Kidman’s casting was approved by Ball’s own daughter Lucie Arnaz and her performance was applauded by Sorkin himself who called her work “incredible”.

Watch the brand new trailer for Being the Ricardos featuring Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem below.