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Nick Cave and Warren Ellis make concert film for ‘Carnage’ and ‘Ghosteen’


Nick Cave has revealed that he and Warren Ellis recently teamed up to film concert movies featuring songs from both albums Carnage and Ghosteen.

The recent record, Carnage, which they shared as a surprise release earlier this year, was written throughout the coronavirus pandemic and the socially distanced lockdown measures that came with it. Reflecting on this time during a previous edition of the Red Hand Files, Cave explained that the album came after he had “nothing in my head but a whole lot of dread and uncertainty.”

In the latest edition of his famous files, he has spoken about the film that he and Ellis have collaborated on, featuring tracks from his two most recent albums.

Cave explains, “Now, our friend, Andrew Dominik, the movie director, has come to London to film Warren and me attempting to play ‘Carnage’ (and ‘Ghosteen’) live. Five years have passed since Andrew made One More Time with Feeling. Much has changed. But some things haven’t.

“The world still turns, ever perilous, but containing its many joys. Music remains a balm. Friendships endure. This letter is fractured. I am so excited to perform.”

In the same entry, Cave also opened up about how Carnage has brought him and Ellis even closer together. “The main reason Warren and I went into the studio was not to make a record. I think, more than anything, we just wanted to spend some time together,” wrote Cave.

He continued: “It had been a long time since we had seen each other and we were eager to continue the musical conversation we’d been having all these years. So, we met at the studio, greeted each other, and began.

“To be honest, I don’t really remember what we did in those first couple of days – we just played and played in a kind of fogged fury, each paying witness to the stir-crazy other, and allowing our music to do its thing, advancing us toward our better selves. At least, it seemed that way. Music can do that. Make you better.”