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(Credit: Criterion / Far Out)


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds curate a Halloween Playlist


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have curated an official Halloween playlist with tracks spanning the entirety of Nick Cave’s career. And here was us thinking that Lulu was the heart of all musical horrors.

Far Out 40: The ultimate alternative Halloween playlist

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As one of the progenitors of Goth, Nick Cave has doled out some of the most openly horror-inspired music around, so much so that when we curated our own alternative Halloween playlist this year, we had to limit ourselves to one per artist so as not to simply fall back on the Australian Vampire. 

From his days in The Birthday Party to tracks from the newly release Nick Cave & Bad Seeds B-side collection, the playlist posted on their official Spotify account is a career-spanning spookfest in the best possible way. 

As we’ve said before: “Like a knife scraping over glass or the creak of a floorboard in an empty house, Halloween has an inherent sound. There simply seems to be chords that have made themselves synonymous with the spooky night in Autumn like jingle bells at Christmas, like synths with summer or smooth jazz with coffee houses.”

“What’s more, there is even a scientific explanation for why we identify certain sounds with spooks.” These are sounds that Nick Cave has harnessed throughout his career as he mixes the perturbing with the beautiful in stirring songs

You can check out the entire 24 song playlist below. Be sure to add it to your list, because a playlist isn’t just for Halloween it’s for… etc. etc..