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Nick Cave reveals the songs he wants played at his funeral


For the last few years, Nick Cave hasn’t just been an ever-present boon in life via his work in music and literature. He has also dispensed his wit, wisdom and reverent approach to life via his fan forum The Red Hand Files.

Recently, Cave received a heartfelt letter from a fan who explained that he had just held an Elvis themed funeral for his father. The touching letter goes on to ask Cave what song he would like played at his own funeral. 

Cave replies with typically touching sincerity, “I was very moved by your letter. I’m sure your dad would have been very happy with his Elvis themed funeral.”

Later adding when considering his own fateful arrangements, “I would be very happy with one too.”

Having eulogised the king of rock ‘n’ roll in song on a couple of occasions and sported a similar jet-black look throughout his career, perhaps this comes as little surprise. 

“’Kentucky Rain’, that’s what I’d like, ‘Kentucky Rain’ and ‘How Great Thou Art’,” Cave adds, “Elvis singing gospel, with heaven and all its angels listening.”

Hopefully, for the rest of us, this is in some far off future when he has imparted more gems, like last month’s Carnage to ease the burden of lockdown and help us see the world with a bit more clarity.