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(Credit: Bleddyn Butcher)


Nick Cave details the meaning of the new Bad Seeds album 'Ghosteen'


Nick Cave has been detailing the meaning of the new Bad Seeds album Ghosteen and insisted he doesn’t view the material as a downbeat record.

The album, which Far Out described as a “masterpiece of human connection,” arrived as the surprise follow-up to the critically acclaimed and hight emotional 2016 album Skeleton Tree. 

While Cave and his bandmates haven’t discussed the album in significant detail up until this point, the Bad Seeds lead singer has addressed questions from his fans as part of his fan open forum website Red Hand Files.

In one question, a Nick Cave fans asks: “Many people have remarked that Ghosteen is a sad album, but I don’t think it is at all. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more uplifting, jubilant record before. Why do you think people are reacting so differently to it? I almost feel like I’ve misinterpreted it.”

In response, Cave wrote: “I am very happy to hear you describe Ghosteen as uplifting and jubilant, Jonah. This was certainly the Bad Seeds’ objective when we made the record. We wanted each song to feel as if it were climbing toward an exultant and euphoric state, for the record to be a vessel that transported the listener far away from the world and its troubles, and that it lived in the jubilant and hopeful beyond.”

He added: “If there is sadness in Ghosteen, perhaps it is the recognition that we are often blind to the splendour of the world and indifferent to its attendant wonder. Perhaps the sadness is the recognition that the world is indeed beautiful, that it spins within the palm of our own hands and its beauty is available to all, if only we had eyes to see.

“Perhaps the songs became a kind of free-floating conversation with the spirit world, buoyed up by the absence of the ones we love. Perhaps the ghostly forms of the departed are all around us, magnetised toward the act of creation.”

Read Cave’s full response, here.