We’re dipping back into the Far Out archives after one of our readers pointed out this gem, a clip in which Nick Cave details his admiration for the great Bob Dylan.

In an interview dating back to 1995, Cave discusses some of his favourite records when he says: “I constantly buy the same record over and over again: I’ve bought so many versions of Nashville Skyline – I must be keeping Dylan in… whatever that is he needs keeping in.”

At one point, the interview asks the Bad Seeds if he can name one song in history that he wishes he had written. Pausing for a moment, scratching his head, he answered: “Well I like that Dylan song ‘I Threw It All Away’ off Nashville Skyline.

“There was always something about that song, that was so simple, and an audacity to this sort of simplicity to that song. But it was so… so powerful at the same time. For me, at least. I was always ragingly envious of that song.”

The song, a major standout moment on the 1969 album Nashville Skyline, sees Dylan sing about the overwhelming feelings of anger about the cruel loss of love. Interestingly, when he was creating the song, Dylan performed a rare version for former Beatle George Harrison and his wife Pattie in November 1968. Rumour has it that Harrison was so impressed by the track that he stayed up all night to learn the song himself.

Below, listen to the track and watch Cave give it the seal of approval.


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