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Nick Cave and Seán O’Hagan unveil cover design for ‘Faith, Hope and Carnage'


Nick Cave and Seán O’Hagan have unveiled the cover of their forthcoming book, Faith, Hope & Carnage. Announced last year, the book draws on over 40 hours of conversation between O’Hagan, a journalist for The Observer, and the Bad Seeds frontman.

The new release will examine Cave’s personal life and evolving perspective over the last difficult few years. According to a synopsis, “Faith, Hope & Carnage promises to be a thoughtful book about Cave’s inner life over the last six years, a meditation on big ideas including, faith, art, music, grief and much more”.

The synopsis continues: “It is a project prompted by lockdown, and one that sits comfortably alongside Cave’s weekly mailing list The Red Hand Files. It is at once borne of and in some sense a tribute to the stillness – and imperative period of reflection – wrought by a global pandemic.”

Canongate has now released the cover design for Faith, Hope & Carnage, which was designed by Alex Merto. Minimal and striking, the cover features the title, Cave and O’Hagan’s names in bold black font nestled around a silver metallic circle set in a white backdrop.

Explaining the design, Merto revealed: “There isn’t a single image that could succinctly capture all that the conversations touched on in this book, so I wanted the cover to be open to interpretation. It could be a halo or a ring. It could be an entrance or an absence. A moon, or a sun, or an ouroboros. My desire was to create something iconic and timeless.”

Faith, Hope & Carnage is slated to arrive in UK and US stores on September 20th, 2022. It is available for pre-order now. Opening up about the project in 2021, Cave said: “This is the first interview I’ve given in years. It’s over 40 hours long. That should do me for the duration, I think. It has been a strange, anchoring pleasure to talk to Sean O’Hagan through these uncertain times, and a pleasure to continue my relationship with Canongate, who are as ever committed and passionate.”

See the cover, below.