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Nick Cave to publish new memoir 'Faith, Hope and Carnage'


The singer and all-around Agony Uncle rock and roll hero, Nick Cave has a unique way with words. It means anything he writes, from lyrics, to speeches to editions of his Red Hand Files, is something we will happily devour. Now, the singer has announced a brand new memoir, focusing on some particularly difficult years.

Within the aforementioned Files, where Cave answers fans questions on a weekly basis, Cave has always demonstrated a unique sense of humanity. Rarely guarded or passive, he shares the most intimate moment of his life with welcomed veracity. It seems fitting then, that his newest memoir is focused on his darkest years.

Cave will be publishing the new memoir Faith, Hope and Carnage is based on 40 hours of interviews with Sean O’Hagan, a longtime friend and journalist. During the conversation, Cave reflected on the tragic death of his son, Arthur, who sadly passed away in 2015.

It will look deeply at “Cave’s inner life over the last six years,” and will offer “a meditation on big ideas including, faith, art, music, grief and much more,” according to the synopsis.

Cave said, “This is the first interview I’ve given in years. It’s over 40 hours long. That should do me for the duration, I think.” Cave confirmed that the experience was “a strange, anchoring pleasure to talk to Sean O’Hagan through these uncertain times.”

O’Hagan said that the book will provide “intimate and often surprising conversations in which Nick Cave talks honestly about his life, his music and the dramatic transformation of both, wrought by personal tragedy. Arranged around a series of themes—including songwriting, grief, creativity, collaboration, catastrophe, defiance and mortality—it provides deep insight into the singular mind of one of the most original and challenging artists of our time, as well as exploring the complex dynamic between faith and doubt that underpins his work.”