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Nick Cave discusses returning to Australia for a tour


Nick Cave is due to return to his native Australia for a tour with Warren Ellis in the coming months.  

The Bad Seeds frontman left Australia at the very start of his career. “Everyone wants to leave Australia,” Cave once opined, “We’re raised to think that culturally everything happens elsewhere. Australia has no inherent culture amongst its white inhabitants… So, anyone having any interest in art or music or whatever left Australia.”

However, clearly, things have changed over the years and Cave revealed on his Red Hand Files fan forum that he is relishing the chance to return. When asked by a fan about his plans to return down under, he answered: “I am sitting here looking at this year’s calendar. My assistant, Rachel, has helpfully laid it out in various child-friendly, primary-coloured blocks. A red block means touring, a blue block means other extracurricular creative stuff, and a yellow block means time off.”

With a truly hectic schedule ahead, he continues: “The year is largely big, red blocks, with some sudden moments of blue, and a little lonely threadbare patch of yellow.”

However, he is hardly averse to a patch of red. “Finally, I can see, glowing lovely, glowing redly, a Nick and Warren Australian Carnage tour that has been recently added,” he said.

Concluding: “This has not yet been announced — and I will no doubt be reprimanded for doing so here on The Red Hand Files — but I can see it there, that bright, red block, beginning mid-November and ending mid-December: This new addition makes me very happy. In fact, quite literally, it brings tears of joy, Astrid! Home, Ally, home!”