(Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson)


New Yuasa Masaaki project ‘Inu-Oh’ picked up by Fortissimo

Japanese filmmaker Yuasa Masaaki is undoubtedly one of the most talented artists working in the anime industry at the moment. He is responsible for the creation of several avant-garde masterpieces like The Tatami Galaxy and Ping Pong the Animation which redefined a lot of anime conventions, forcing us to acknowledge the blinding potential of the art form.

In an interview, Yuasa explained: “I try to show the landscape that the characters see subjectively, not objectively. For example, if they see something which does not exist, I will make it appear, or if something vanishes in the environment, in space, I erase it. So, I think if things become less rigid, wavier, I think I see space like that. It’s intimately linked to emotions.”

Adding, “Even the world in which we live is filled with multiple facets. We can’t put it in a single image. There are many different people, many different things, so I didn’t want to put it through a filter to squeeze it into a single image. It shows a bit the world in which we live with many different people and perspectives.”

His latest project is titled Inu-Oh, an adaptation of Hideo Furukawa’s novel which is going to be an animated rock musical set in 14th century Japan. It follows the rise of an unlikely musical duo, told through the unique visual style and cinematic sensibilities of Yuasa Masaaki. Fortissimo Films has already acquired the rights for the distribution of the new project outside Asia and the film is set for its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival next month.

“Very little remains in the historical record about the Sarugaku Noh performer Inu-Oh, but with Hideo Furukawa’s bold interpretation of his story, Akiko Nogi’s script, and Taiyo Matsumoto’s images, it’s bound to become an amazing work,” the filmmaker explained.