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New study implies that female artists suffer from performance anxiety

It has been revealed that 98 per cent of female artists suffer from performance anxiety, according to a new study conducted by Pirate Studios. It was done to appraise the state of the music industry and to try and to discern areas that could be improved for the future. Posting on their website, Pirate marked the anniversary of International Women’s Day with a post that outlined how a large number of female artists pointed to gender as the reason for their feelings around performance anxiety.

One anonymous performer claimed: “Gigs should be made safer and more welcoming to diverse people. It is tiring for musicians to feel like they have to look out for fans because security is harassing women. It is difficult to make a stand against hate when your work and passion is on the line.”

Another performer asked for a calm, stress-free space in which they could get ready. The space should include a door that closes and gives them a space to hang their clothing. They also requested that they get a space as to where they could place their items. Another Dj noted that it is difficult for females in an industry dominated by men, especially if they know each other personally.

Women, according to the report, are 28 per cent more likely to suffer from performance anxiety than men, largely because the industry is so heavily centred on males. The findings will be discussed in greater depth at the ‘Break The Bias Panel’ with Vanessa Maria and TYSON, which will occur online later this month. The findings hope to bring change to the industry, making things more comfortable for everyone involved.

Meanwhile, Madonna recently blasted the music industry for censoring women’s nipples. The artist says it is unfair to “sexualise” a woman’s nipples, when they are predominantly for feeding babies, whereas “asses” are rarely censored compared to the way breasts tend to be. She also said that men’s breasts are not considered sexual or erotic the way that women’s are, and says she has spent her entire career battling sexism, misogyny and ageism. She claims Instagram has been censoring some of her images because it showcases too much skin.