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(Credit: Dan Sullivan)


New Noise: Why you need to start listening to Daisy Brain

In September, Daisy Brain made their live debut at The Seabright Arms in London, and since then, it’s been non-stop for singer Will Tse’s project, having just got back from an eye-opening time on the road with Yungblud.

The grunge revivalists only dropped their debut single, ‘Boring’, this summer, but it is a collection of songs that Tse has been carefully accumulating for years, and only now has he landed on the ideal vehicle to share his material with the world.

It’s been a wild ride so far for Tse, and securing a spot on such a high-profile tour so early on his journey has already birthed the ‘Daisy Brain Fan Club’, who bombarded him on the tour whenever he stepped foot off the tour bus, which seemed improbable just a few months ago.

“It feels very surreal,” Tse reflects. “I feel like we’ve gotten used to touring in luxury, we jumped on Renforshort’s bus, and we were totally expecting to get on a splitter for the whole thing. It was such a great tour to be on. The fans have been so intense. I feel like every time we’ve done a show, we’ve come out with genuine fans who are dead excited to see us again”.

Most bands grind for years until they play the kind of venues that Daisy Brain has already inhabited, an opportunity that arrived thanks to the invite from Yungblud. Getting to grace the hallowed stage at Alexandra Palace in London was an experience Tse won’t forget in a hurry and has given him a taste to return to these holy musical fortresses.

“As soon as we were announced, I was imagining walking on to that stage and saying, ‘Hello Ally Pally’. The audience just looked like blobs,” he adds. “There were so many people there. I’ve never had an experience like that before in my life. It was just genuinely so surreal.”

Tse has nothing but gratitude for Yungblud too: “He’s super lovely and really accommodating,” he says. “He cares about what you say, and looks you straight in the eye when you’re talking to him and is so much more genuine than I think people let on.

It’s all happened so fast for Tse, and the gravitas of the band’s quick rise from obscurity to touring with one of Britain’s most successful current popstars isn’t lost on him. Since dropping their debut single this summer, Daisy Brain have been prolific with their output, releasing a song per month before dropping their debut EP, Let’s Go Camping, in September.

Before Daisy Brain, Tse studied music production in Leeds before moving home to London. It was after the relocation that the project began, bonding with his creative partner, Russian Dan (Dan Hvorostovsky), while working at the same Brick Lane Pizza shop. The seed for the band was born before the pandemic would put back their plans.

“I feel like lockdown was definitely a blessing in disguise,” Tse pontificates. “It gave us so much time to just write. I was always in my room making demos constantly with Russian Dan, who is the bassist and does a lot of writing with me. Then we sort of got Gav and Jess on board to do the live stuff. It all kind of fell together really nicely, pretty smoothly”.

When they met, Tse was creatively lost, aimlessly trying to make pop music despite not being what he truly wanted to do. In the pizza parlour, they’d have The Smashing Pumpkins and Green Day on loop, which led to his epiphany: “I guess a switch came in and I just went, ‘I’m actually just going to do what I want to do’,” he explains.

Tse tells me how watching on as IDLES secured a number one album with Ultra Mono restored his faith in popular music, reiterating his belief that you could be successful while staying true to yourself creatively. Of course, the popular landscape is ever-changing. Tse is no longer worried about chasing success but instead has a focus on making the art that he wants to with the confidence that it’ll find its audience — considering the steps they’ve made in the six months since their first single, who knows what 2022 will have in-store.

Catch Daisy Brain on their debut headline tour next year which includes a stop at Gulliver’s in Manchester on February 21st, and ends at The Assembly in Camden. For tickets, visit here.

Daisy Brain 2022 tour:

  • Feb 19 – The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
  • Feb 21 – Gullivers, Manchester
  • Feb 22 – Louisiana, Bristol
  • Feb 23 – Camden Assembly, London
  • May 12 – The Great Escape, Brighton
  • May 28 – Neighbourhood Weekender, Warrington