Gregory Nolan

New Gregory Nolan exhibition captures the spirit of the noughties indie scene

Photographer Gregory Nolan has spent years mastering his craft in the music industry, relentlessly documenting the increasingly expanding scope of vastly changing trends.

It would just so happen that Nolan would get his big photography break during London’s rife, debauched and relentlessly sweaty indie music scene in the mid-2000s. Setting himself the challenge of capturing the true essence of the music, the crowds and the individuals who thrived within the scene at that time.

Building up his reputation, Nolan went on to tour with the likes of Frank Turner, shooting two documentaries with the indie rocker: “Greg was absolutely integral to the indie scene in London in its halcyon days, where I started out as a musician and met most of my closest friends,” Turner said. “The shots in the show capture the spirit and energy of that unique moment in history perfectly; looking through them took me back there vividly.”

Now, in a new exhibition, Nolan is sharing his work that will resonate so vividly with all you long lost indie kids with memories of The Libertines, Razorlight and the rest. ‘This Was Our Scene’ can be seen from now until the end of the month at The Guitarwrist, 2 Newburgh Street, Carnaby, London.

For now though, here are a few of our favourite images from This Was Our Scene:

(All images in this article were provided by This Was Our Scene)

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